The experience of suffering a Slipped Disc or a Herniated Disc is a common one, especially among older adults. These damaged discs can press on adjacent nerves, causing debilitating pain or other distressing symptoms.

A Minimally Invasive Microdiscectomy is a state-of-the-art procedure that successfully eliminates these symptoms with minimal postoperative pain.

  • During a Microdiscectomy, your surgeon will make a 1-2 inch incision on your back.
  • Using specialized equipment including endoscopic tubes and a high-resolution microscope, your surgeon will gain access to the affected vertebrae.
  • These miniature tools allow your surgeon to access the spine with the least amount of damage to surrounding tissues.
  • Once your surgeon reaches the affected vertebra, he or she may also remove a portion of the lamina (Bone present on back of your vertebra).
  • Your surgeon will then remove the bulging or herniated portion of the damaged disc and release the pressure on your nerves.
  • Incision will be closed using steristrips or other minimally invasive options.

Advances in minimally invasive endoscopic and microscopic techniques have led to more successful procedures with longer lasting results. Whereas traditional discectomies required large incisions, widespread damage to surrounding muscles and supportive tissues, and long, painful recoveries.

The benefits of a microdiscectomy are clear:

  • Smaller incisions allow for less blood loss or external scarring and smaller risks for infection
  • Endoscopic and microscopic tools allow for less disruption to internal tissues
  • Less internal scarring reduces the risk of suffering a pinched nerve during the healing process
  • Many patients return home within several hours of this same-day procedure
  • This procedure boasts quicker recovery times with many patients up and walking after surgery
  • Minimally invasive methods allow for a speedier return to your everyday activities or exercise

If you are experiencing localized nerve pain, radiculopathy, or radiating pain that travels down the arms or legs, or if your nerve pain is accompanied by sensations of tingling, heat, or pins-and-needles prickling, then a microdiscectomy may be an effective treatment to address your degenerated disc.

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