Artificial Disc Replacement

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disc replacement

Our Intervertebral discs are crucial to the performance of our spine. However, when damaged, these spinal discs can result in debilitating pain and adverse side effects. For damaged cervical or lumbar discs, an Artificial Disc Replacement aims to relieve spinal pain by removing the injured disc and replacing it with a Prosthetic Implant.

The type of revision procedure needed will depend upon your specific situation and circumstances. Old hardware may need to be removed and replaced and conditions that have developed as a result of the original procedure (such as pinched nerves) will be reversed. Surgery may be used in conjunction with other treatments as well, including pain management or physical therapy.

The benefits of Revision Spine Surgery greatly outweigh the disadvantages of living with the pain of an unsuccessful procedure. Some of the benefits of revision spine surgery include the following:

  1. The relief of achieving an accurate diagnosis and understanding the source of your back pain.
  2. Advanced Surgical Techniques offer less painful results than traditional back surgeries.
  3. Minimally Invasive Techniques lead to shorter hospital stays and a more successful recovery.
  4. Obtaining relief from debilitating spine pain can alleviate depression and anxiety.
  5. State-Of-The-Art Techniques with long-lasting results will avoid the need for future surgeries.

If you have undergone a back surgery in the recent or distant past, and your symptoms have remained the same or even worsened, then you may be a candidate for revision spine surgery.

Possible signs that you need revision spine surgery include: sustained or worsening symptoms, an inability to recuperate from your previous surgery, an increased reliance on pain medications, spinal immobility or muscle spasms in the surgical region, or even psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and irritability.

Considered more of a circumstance than an actual syndrome, Failed Back Syndrome refers to any previous back surgery that was unsuccessful. Revision spine surgery aims to correct any such surgical errors, healing problems or sources of misdiagnosis.

At D Spine Clinic we will take care to correctly diagnose the root of your pain before moving forward, developed a full picture of the problem and draft a plan of action for the Revision Procedure.