Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy (PT) is a proven non-surgical/conservative treatment for spine-related pain caused by spondylosis (spinal arthritis), degenerative disc disease, whiplash and other disorders. PT is often part of a patient’s multidisciplinary treatment approach that may include medications and spinal injections. Furthermore, active and passive types of physical therapy may be part of post-operative recovery.

Who benefits from physical therapy?

Many and all can benefit from physical therapy. It is important to realize that physical therapy for the spine is beneficial in decreasing the level of discomfort as well as increasing the level of activity of the patient. This is important for patients attempting to avoid surgery as well as those patients who have had surgery and are attempting to restore their activity level.

What disorders can be treated by physical therapy?

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Spondylosis (spinal arthritis)
  • Rebuild strength, flexibility and endurance after spine surgery, as well as specific physical needs related to surgical aftercare.

What will I have to do in physical therapy?

PT generally encompasses pain relief, strength and flexibility training, proper postural alignment, regaining range of motion, improving and correcting posture, endurance training, relaxation and stress relieving techniques, balance and coordination training, implementation of a home exercise program.

Remember that each individual and body type is different and We at D Spine Clinic will teach you self-care principles so you understand how to best treat your back and neck pain.